又來到一年一度亞庇爵士音樂節 !本地與各地國際的爵士樂手,將受邀參與這項籌募慈善義款盛會,傾情演繹讓知音樂迷傾倒的古典和當代爵士樂曲棍。

日期: 21-22 July  2017 

地點: Covered Tennis Court,Sutera Harbour Resort , Kota Kinabalu 

Performing at the 11th KK Jazz Festival this year!!! We are proud to present to you our 1st international band from Spain, Origen Flamenco!
A MUST attend to all die hard dance peoples out there!!

The roots of the flamenco art are the foundations that support Origen. The pure elements of a concert of flamenco music are combined with a dance structure on stage, creating a magical audacious and innovative atmosphere, thanks to the relationship between flamenco dance and the rest of the musicians.

Origen takes the public aboard a trip, a journey in life, the life of the artist, which is at the same time, the living history of flamenco.

The old and Deep sound of the flamenco guitar is united in stage to the tradition of the drawer. The characteristic flamenco sound of the flamenco singers, to the fineness of the flute. In Origen the music does not only sound, the music speaks, it lives.

The flamenco dancers have a massive impact on the stage. They are the ones that culminate with the forcé, passion and sweat. This is flamenco, this is the message that Origen want to transmit on stage.

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